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Precision Auto Works, the Accident Experts!

BMW before and after collision body repair at I-CAR Gold certified collisin repair shop Precision Auto Works, LIC, NYC

Don't let your insurance company FIX your car... Just let them PAY for it!

Precision's goal is not to make insurance companies happy. It's to make our customers happy by giving them the best quality repair work possible.

WHAT IS "STEERING"? If you had a serious health problem, would you let your health insurance company send you to the cheapest doctor in town to make sure THEY got the best deal? Of course not! Yet that's the fate of many vehicles after an accident. Your insurance agent may suggest or recommend a shop that he/she has a relationship with and will repair your car in the most cost-effective way for THEM... But that may not ensure the best quality workmanship or even new, OEM parts for YOU.

NY STATE LAW GIVES YOU THE CHOICE, NOT YOUR INSURER. Unfortunately many drivers don't realize that NY State law guarantees that you alone can choose who repairs your car after an accident and you have the right to tow or drive your car to your CHOICE of registered repair shop... and your insurance will pay for the work just the same. While your vehicle is not as important as your health, it's probably one of your most valuable possessions. So when something goes wrong, you want to trust it to a shop you know and that won't cut corners fixing it.

WE WORK FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, NOT FOR YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. Precision Auto Works of Long Island City is an independent auto body and repair shop. We work with ALL auto insurance companies, but our top priority is you, the vehicle owner. At some repair shops, the needs of the insurance company are served before the needs of the customer, but not at Precision. We fight for YOUR interests, to make sure you get the best repair work possible. We don't have a contract with insurance companies, so we’ll never cut corners to serve their bottom line. In fact, we've become known in the NYC Tri-state area as the "Accident Experts" because of our highest quality auto body work (click here for our Before/After Gallery) and because we know how to deal with insurance adjusters and agents efficiently and professionally to get your vehicle repaired quickly, with top quality parts and workmanship.

EXPERIENCE, CERTIFICATIONS and EQUIPMENT Unlike most body shops in NYC, we have the EXPERIENCE, CERTIFICATIONS and EQUIPMENT that allow us to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, including I-CAR GOLD CLASS certification, a standard of excellence achieved by less than 10% of body shops nationwide. And you can feel confident in choosing Precision since we guarantee all our work! Precision Auto Works offers a lifetime warranty on our collision work and paint!

BE PREPARED. Accidents happen, so keep our phone numbers handy. In fact, save them on your cell phone NOW: Precision Auto Works Office 718-786-2923 and our AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY TOWING ONLY: 718-926-0616. Call George or Mike at Precision for more information on your rights as a consumer and how we can help you get the best repair after a collision.

We accept ALL auto insurance plans and can offer exceptional results with OUR GUARANTEE -- at no additional cost. Any questions? Call us at 718.786.2923.

LEARN MORE: Read "How to Choose a Body Shop" at the LONG ISLAND AUTO BODY REPAIRMEN'S ASSOCIATION web site: www.liabra.org/consumerinfo.html