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after repair picture from Precision Auto Works of LIC, the Tesla Approved Collision Repair Center (TACRC) aluminum vehicle collision body repair shop in NYC, serving New Jersey, Westchester County, NYC and Long Island, NY after pictures from Precision Auto Works of LIC, NYC's only Tesla Approved Collision Auto Body Shop serving New Jersey, Westchester County, NYC and Long Island, NY Teslas under repair at Precision Auto Works of LIC, NYC's Tesla Approved Collision Repair Center (TACRC) and aluminum vehicle specialty collision shop in NYC, serving New Jersey, Westchester County, NYC and Long Island, NY

NYC'S FIRST and ONLY Tesla Factory-Trained & Approved Body Shop

FACTORY TRAINED + CERTIFIED Precision Auto Works of LIC's Technicians were among a select group nationwide that were invited by Tesla and successfully completed

  • over 400 hours of welding and structural training at the Tesla Motors factory
in Fremont, CA, instructed by the very people who build Tesla vehicles, not an outside agency. We have been
  • TESLA CERTIFIED since 2013.
  • TESLA FACTORY TRAINED in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

OVER 800 TESLA VEHICLES REPAIRED We've had a relationship with Tesla Motors since 2010, when we undertook the repair of the first Tesla Roadsters at our New York City shop... and the rest, as they say, is history: we were invited by Tesla to train with their team in Fremont to become a Tesla-certified body shop.

This intensive, first-hand training allows Precision Auto Works' aluminum vehicle repair team to properly repair and restore your Tesla vehicle to its original condition, as if the damage never happened.

WHY FACTORY TRAINING MATTERS: Unlike newly certified Tesla shops, our Tesla-trained Technicians:

  • trained at the TESLA manufacturing facility in Fremont CA;
  • learned directly from the men and woman who developed the service and repair procedures for TESLA models;
  • were heavily scrutinized on their performance, quality and technique by TESLA's training personnel;
  • utilize the original tooling mandated during the certification program's inception.
Shops certified after 2016 are no longer held to these same exacting standards. In fact, the newly certified shops have only received "online training" and are not required to use the same tooling that we use. As a result, the quality of repairs by the newly certified shops and the integrity of your vehicle will suffer.

Demand the best for your safety and your investment: choose Precision Auto Works of LIC for your Tesla collision repairs!

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